Bad Badtz-Maru is unhappy, and we intend to find out why!

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Badtz-Maru is unhappy with the lack of quality food in Hyde Park
  • Badtz-Maru tried to order pizza from Domino's Pizza, but

    1. They were very rude to him on the phone
    2. They did not honor their coupons
    3. The pizza was an hour and a half late
    4. The pie was greasy and disgusting

  • The next time Badtz-Maru wanted pizza, he ordered a stuffed spinach pizza from Edwardo's, but

    1. The pizza was rather expensive
    2. The delivery was somewhat slow
    3. The pie itself was literally soupy!
    4. To their credit, they did replace their mistake with a free thin crust

  • Badtz-Maru decided to order from Nicky's Chinese Food, because he heard it was fast and cheap!

    1. The vegetables were not cooked
    2. They don't deliver as late as they used to
    3. It was too greasy
    4. Hower, it was fast and cheap!

  • Badtz-Maru decided to go to Taco Bell in Hutch, because he saw a commercial on TV

    1. The food was not very authentic
    2. It tasted funny and gave him a stomach ache
    3. The tomatoes were picked by underpaid workers
    4. It was fast, but not so cheap considering

Badtz-Maru had to cook his own food in the end: Badtz-Maru cooking

Bad Badtz-Maru says good food is important!

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